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My Philosophy

Dancing Crow Massage exists to help others become aware of the importance of the "body-unconscious", that little place within all of us that lets us know that we are not just merely present, but are alive, vital and essential. If we only stop to listen....

Dancing Crow distinguishes itself from ordinary massage practices by specifically offering the chance for the body-unconscious to be heard. I devote myself to invoking within all of my clients the sense of:

Overall Well Being

Peace and Relaxation

Renewal of Clarity & Balance

A Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

All possible, by combining the soothing, rhythmical stokes of massage with other integrative healing modalities uniquely blended to suit each client's individual needs. Through the healing power of massage and the eclectic mix of alternative body therapies and products, Dancing Crow Massage has something to offer to all that are willing to stop and listen to the essence of life simmering within.

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